14 Jun Nyt i Operations Bridge 2017.04

Så er den kvartalsvise opdatering til OpsB ude.


Følgende highlights :


  • Important enhancements in Operations Manager i’s HTML event browser – It’s now ready for prime time
  • Log collection for Operations Bridge Analytics using Operations Agent – There is no need any more to deploy additional software for your log collection!
  • Large scale metric integration from third party domain managers – Allows to collect and stream 200+ metrics/sec per OpsCx to the Operations Bridge Performance Engine – our central data store for performance metrics- based on our Big Data Vertica Database
  • Enhanced Hybrid cloud monitoring—With the new versions of Management Packs for Azure and AWS and Docker certification






Blandt andet er Event browseren kravler nu over i HTML5, og log streaming er nyt.  Også er det hele jo pakket i containeren, så er hurtigt at få en prøve version op og køre.


Læs mere her: https://community.saas.hpe.com/t5/IT-Operations-Management-ITOM/What-s-new-within-the-Operations-Bridge-2017-04/ba-p/1593630#.WUEmg4VOIfQ


Steen Bendtsen
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