02 May Ny funktion til OpsB : Hvad er det rigtige ‘Normal’ for en health indicator



En ny management pack : “Current Ci State – Systems Infrastructure” er klar på ITOM Marketplace. Ideen er kort at behovet for at se en normal status på et CI kan give usikkerhed, for er intet nyt godt nyt ?


Det kendes blandt andet fra trap baserede systemer.


OpsB management pakken sikrer at nye KPI fungerer med korrekt status fra initielt setup.



MicroFocus Operations Bridge represents the “health” of services with elements called Key Performance Indicators.


These KPI’s are assigned to specific configuration item types and receive their status values through “health indicators”.


Health indicator values are assigned by events coming in to the OpsBridge. The default behaviour is to not send events until something is not normal. Due to this, no Normal HI’s are set and you must assume that things are fine until they are not, and an event is created due to a threshold violation.


This document describes a method of setting several HI values which impact the System Performance, Network Performance and System Availability KPI’s even if the values are normal. This is accomplished by utilizing metrics which are automatically being collected by each agent.


There is also a section dedicated to the collection of the current state of objects in the Network Node Manager database. One school of thought regarding monitoring, is to only send events to the console when they require an action. The purpose of this document is for the reader to consider that it is important to send “Normal” events for the purpose of setting Health Indicators. It is only then that you really have a value assigned to all the data points which ultimately contribute to our “IT Service Health”. Figure 1 depicts the HI’s being set by the monitoring content associated with this document. Figure 2 highlights the default Health Indicators contributing to the System Performance KPI.





Steen Bendtsen
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