IT Application Performance Management

Achieve valuable knowledge about the performance and availability of your IT Business Services. Application Performance Management provides the information you need to optimize applications from the end user perspective.

“One accurate measurement is worth a thousand expert opinions.”

Grace Hopper

Measurement Technologies & Advanced analytics

Micro Focus APM solution includes a toolset of technologies for IT monitoring and measurements, and is most comprehensive solution in the market. All measurement results are stored in a central database, the RTSM Real Time Service Model.

Advanced reporting and analytics solutions provide the widest possible knowledge based on collected monitoring data. In addition to the standard graphs, tables and reports it is also possible to analyze the data and identify trends and anomalies using advanced big data analytics.

Are you looking for a small footprint with short time to value ?  Consider our Siteray Portal solution as the intelligent Saas alternative.

IT Application Performance Management – a proactive approach

We deliver the services to ensure a successful implementation and operation of Micro Focus Application Performance Management Solutions.

Micro Focus Application Performance Management (APM) Solutions is one of the most comprehensive solution in the market and allow you to isolate problems real-time for all of your applications whether on-premise, cloud, or mobile. Micro Focus APM solution comprises technologies to measure and monitor you most critical business applications. The solution cover technologies to capture end user traffic, run synthetic transactions, deep diagnose application processes and monitor infrastructure and middleware components.

All KPI data and events collected by the suite is consolidated in a single repository.


Synthetic Transaction Monitoring

Synthetic transactions continuously measure the performance and availability of your critical business application by running recorded synthetic transactions, simulating an end user.

  • Take a few hours to deploy
  • Measure application performance from multiple locations
  • Cloud or On-premise

Technology: Micro Focus Business Process Monitor, Micro Focus AppPulse Active or Siteray

Real User Monitoring

Micro Focus Real User Monitor (RUM) captures the network traffic between end users and a Business Application. It processes the communication, break down the actions and measure the response times and errors the end user experience. RUM supports web and mobile applications. It is a recommended choice for banking applications and other sensitive transaction, because of the non-intrusive technology and an architecture which uses hardware to isolate the captured data, enabling extremely high security.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Combining synthetic transactions with application component monitoring provide a holistic end-2-end application performance management overview.

  • Monitor infrastructure and application component
  • Agent less or agent based – option
  • The markets most comprehensive protocol support

Based on Micro Focus SiteScope, Micro Focus Operations Bridge or Siteray technology

Application Diagnostics

The Micro Focus Diagnostic is designed for deep analysis to identify application performance bottlenecks, by monitoring directly in the .net or WebSphere platform. Diagnostics is recommended for application specialists aiming to reduce response time by tracking slow responding application sub processes.

  • Supports .Net, Websphere, and Weblogic
  • Useful in preproduction as well as production
  • Reduce application specialist effort

Service Level Management

Service level management reports is a primary requirement of many IT consuming business areas, and document application performance and availability of critical business application. But in fact also Increase the visibility of successful IT as essential prerequisites for overall business success, which it is in all most any modern company.

Based on Siteray or Micro Focus Operations Bridge

Network Management

Micro Focus Network Operations Manager (former NNMI) is a very mature network monitoring and network management solution, that enable your network operations team to efficiently manage physical and virtual networks of massive scale. The Micro Focus NOM.

Smart Plug-in modules enhance NOM’s awareness of specialized network environments, providing your team with the information needed to identify and fix problems more quickly.


End-to-end Application Monitoring

Simplify and consolidate service management with a powerful, single point of contact for all core IT processes including incident, problem, change, request and knowledge management. Improve IT service support and delivery processes across the complete lifecycle leveraging ITIL® industry best practices.

Big Data Intelligence

Handle tickets more efficiently by using actionable intelligence from embedded Big Data analytics. Automate classification and assignment, provide relevant knowledge, and become proactive in improving service.

Event management

Improve efficiency and reduce help desk load with a self-service portal that includes global search capabilities across the IT service catalog, support catalog, and knowledge base. Enable IT consumers to quickly help each other through social collaboration.

Best Practises

Accelerate time to production with easy configuration, quick deployment and simple ongoing maintenance. Easily build and configure IT process workflows that increase efficiency and provide quick time to value by using an intuitive user interface and out-of-the-box industry standard ITIL® best practices.

Agile & Automated Corrective Actions

Codeless process configuration streamlines customization and tailoring to fit your needs while simplifying future upgrades. Automated and intelligent change management improves compliance, minimizes potential service disruptions, and delivers higher service quality.

Mobile & Tablet Support

Give your users and help desk agents efficient, anytime-anywhere access to key service desk functions such as search knowledge, self-ticketing, and collaboration.

Let us contact you and accelerate operational and financial performance at your organization, and gain a reduced financial risk

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