Asset- & Financial Management

Managing IT assets with efficiency and control across their lifecycle.

Snow Software allows you a detailed insight into your hardware and software solutions, allowing you to make quicker decisions for both strategic and financial procedures. Track the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware, software, and virtual infrastructure throughout their lifecycle.

License optimization & software services

Gain Visibility and control over Your IT Assets and minimize software costs and ensure license compliance. Asset management software that helps you to manage your assets across procurement, active lifecycle, and disposals so you can optimize end-to-end asset usage for optimal value and lower costs.

Implementation and use of asset management practices, achieves instant IT operational efficiency, financial accountability of asset purchase, simpler auditing and compliance, and long-term asset manageability and maintenance. Combining different discovery techniques enables a greater number of assets to be discovered and tracked over their lifecycles, quickly and reliably over time. A high level of visibility into asset details will improve infrastructure efficiency and performance, and minimize related overhead costs.

Accelerate operational and financial performance at your organization, and gain a reduced financial risk

Asset management covers your IT assets from procurement to disposal and everywhere in between.
  • Centralized management
  • Rightsized Licenses
  • Reduced hardware and software costs
  • Overview and visibility

Asset Discovery

Collaborate and process contracts easier and faster with a central contract repository.

Data capture & Storage

Versatile workflow engine that dynamically filter and routes agreements to the right department and approver based on a comprehensive set of contract variables.

Asset Tracking

Improve efficiency and reduce help desk load with a self-service portal that includes global search capabilities across the IT service catalog, support catalog, and knowledge base. Enable IT consumers to quickly help each other through social collaboration.

Asset lifecycle Management

Receive notifications and alerts regarding upcoming and past due commitments, including individual obligations.

Asset Reporting

Give your users and help desk agents efficient, anytime-anywhere access to key service desk functions such as search knowledge, self-ticketing, and collaboration.

Asset Alerting

Receive push notifications for new action items, download and view attachments.

Let us contact you and accelerate operational and financial performance at your organization, and gain a reduced financial risk

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