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Protect your critical data

Organizations are only as strong as their ability to adapt

Organizations are only as strong as their ability to adapt. AM Partner provides the tools to give you agile, flexible and integrated protection. Get started now to evolve your cyber security and protect your organizational assets.


Protect Your Digital Enterprise

Innovation thrives when security is built into the fabric of your organization. True security requires 24/7 detection and monitoring along with the latest continuity and compliance capabilities.

Software is eating the world, powering business operations and accelerating value creation. Enterprises operate in extended ecosystems and compete in borderless markets. Risks, threats and vulnerabilities are growing in both variety and volume.

How do you protect your organization and unleash the creativity of your employees? You need the right security and risk management regime. You need robust compliance and continuity plans. And you need expert partners to help you put it all into place.

The vast majority of breaches take place in applications

It is expected that world population of Internet-connected devices will grow from today’s 10 billion to over 50 billion by the year 2023. The expansion of Internet-connected devices, lead to a genuine increase in different kind of cyber related attacks.
Instead of the mission of protecting a reasonably known and enclosed IT perimeter, the organization have to secure any connected device humans can make against any threat a hacker can innovate.

More than


of mobile applications failed basic security test in 2015


Runtime Application Self-Protection

Statistics show you probably have vulnerabilities in your production applications. This leaves you at risk for cross-site scripting, SQL injection, malware and other attacks that twist your applications into revealing data and doing harm. Finding the vulnerabilities is only half of the battle – fixing them can be challenging or impossible. RASP solutions can help you monitor and protect your enterprise..

Protecting data in Cloud applications.

Enterprises require a cloud data security solution for visibility, governance and protection for data in the cloud. Adallom is a Cloud Access Security Broker that seamlessly integrates with your enterprise cloud applications without impact to end-users. It delivers visibility, governance and protection for any user, in any location, on any device. A comprehensive audit trail correlates each activity to a user. One can govern cloud application usage, secure corporate data and react in real-time to an account compromise or risky behaviors.

Comprehensive end-to-end mobile security

The rapid adoption of mobile devices and the explosion of mobile apps has created a significant security challenge for IT organizations. Already stretched IT security teams are now responsible for mobile app security but often don’t have the resources and skills to thoroughly assess and score the risk in the rapid mobile deployment model. In addition, mobile apps are an easy target for hackers, putting your customers’ private data at risk.

Data encryption and tokenization security solutions

A superior solution for merchants, payment processors, and enterprises to achieve compliance, reduce PCI DSS scope to the maximum extent possible, and protect cardholder data.

End-to-end Security for Email and Attachments

end-to-end encrypted email solution available for desktop, cloud, and mobile that is scalable to millions of users, while keeping Personally Identifiable Information and Personal Health Information secure and private.

Automated dynamic application security testing tool

Testing the dynamic behavior of running web applications and services to identify and prioritize security vulnerabilities. Integrating dynamic and runtime analysis to find more vulnerabilities – and fix them faster.


Security Information Event Management

Micro Focus ArcSight is a SIEM and advanced analytics platform that dramatically cuts down the time to detect and respond to threats.

Application Security with Micro Focus Fortify

Software security solutions from HPE Security Fortify cover your entire software development lifecycle (SDLC) for mobile, third party and website security.

SecureData Products

Data encryption and tokenization security solutions; across enterprise, cloud, mobile, & Big Data environments.

Micro Focus Security – Data Security is a leading expert in data encryption and tokenization data security solutions for:

Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence

A Big Data security analytics solution giving enterprises visibility into their users, network, data, and applications. Micro Focus ArcSight Analytics makes it much easier to gain information and anticipate, recognize, and mitigate threats.

Complete strategies & solutions

Strategies for securing your digital enterprise and how to best encrypt confidential data without interrupting or complicating of your everyday flow. Our solutions involves cutting-edge encryption tools and best practices that protect data-at-rest and data-in-transit. These solutions are scalable, high-speed, and compatible with your existing system databases, and mobile applications.

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